Sex, drags and rock`n`roll

It must be admitted that after our first visit to a gay-club, long ago, and seeing magnificent men-transvestites we've got an idea: if there is an art of disguising into woman - why can't be an art of disguising into man? After studying this problem in theoretical depth and questioning our foreign friends we've made sure that we don't have to "invent a bicycle": everything is already contrived. Moreover, woman-travesty is a tremendous stratum within world lesbian subculture. Marlene Dietrich, Madonna, Cher, K D Lang present only several well-known persons, far-famed by their successful disguising into man, while this art is rather advanced and claimed, especially relating to the gay-lesbian environment. So all we've had to do was coming to the lesbian parties' organizers and saying: "We don't want to look at stickled striptease, impudent trans-milksops, cracking army jokes, and boring parties; we want woman' travesty-show, handsome butches being Elvis Presley or, at least, "Take That' or "Beasty Boys". "O.K, - we've heard in response, - you can show us these artists, and we'll put a stage at their disposal!" 

Since that time we have seen many girls and women, mainly lesbians, who used male clothes rather successfully, especially relating lesbian parties or any solemn arrangements, where they did not have to pay attention to puzzled glances of those around them. Some of them are so harmonious and beautiful, so that the role of drag-kings would fit them in the best way, their photos adorning the lesbian magazines. We won't talk about transsexuality - our FtM Russian Transgender is devoted to this item; transvestism has less in common with transsexuality. 

But we are running ahead. Today our Drag King Magazine is only starting, - about drag, first time, solely on our site! - so we are raising our glasses to the firstling' health and longevity. We've prepared a number of interesting sources, and, step-by-step, we will introduce you to the history of drag-culture, its mainstreams, peculiarities, news, memorable events, famous drag-kings and their girlfriends. 

We are sure that Drag King Magazine will obtain its own permanent readers, as well as its own stars. But what is most important for us - we want to help women, enjoying details of male clothes in their garments, to do it properly, stylish and fashionably. How to choose socks and shoes, how to tie a neck-tie, how to choose a costume, which would emphasize advantages and dissemble disadvantages, how to wear hats, blending them with other elements of your garments - and so on and so forth. Unlike women fashionable transactions, we will be talking about real male clothes, not about pretentious one-season pastiches, like “coquettishly cocked on the nape grandpa’s cap will supplement your Versache’s evening dress”. 

Besides that, there is one more consideration, compelling us to make a site about a lacking phenomenon in Russia: drag-culture is just about to come! For a time being you, parched with the curiosity, are running to study such terms as travesty, drag, drag-king, drag-queen – it is very precious. Recently lesbian photo-exhibition in St.-Petersburg covered itself with shame by translating the photo title “Life in drug’ as “Life in dope” … or as “medicine”, as it is written in dictionaries. Surely, it’s a philosophically noticed idea, but we can only feel for the organizer’s fancy, because photo was devoted to the woman in male clothes. About these women exactly we will speak on our new site Drag.Lesbiru.com 

Editors Drag.Lesbiru.Com