Elvis Is Alive!
It seems that Russians can't completely imagine the degree of Elvis popularity in USA. This popularity has moved out of the adoration frames long time ago, turned into the cult with its own laws, customs and ceremonials...  Read

It's a Trans, Trans, Trans, Trans World
Drag culture has impact and implications on larger transgender issues. We spoke with local psychotherapist Katy Koonce about these cross-pollinations... Read  29.11.02

Gladys Bantley - hot mom lesbian jazz.

...It seems I was born different. At least, I always thought so....From the time I can remember anything, even as I was toddling, I never wanted a man to touch me...Soon I began to feel more comfortable in boys clothes than in dresses....  Read   05.08.02

King for a Night. (part 2)
For eight hours of my life, I defied a gender system that, though I'd never realized it before, had been tyrannizing me all my life... Read  29.07.02

Origins. A long story of women in the man clothes...
Transvestism (trans...- Lat. vestio - to put on; travestism as a synonym), is a striving for dressing up into the contrary gender' clothes. We all have already heard about transvestites, but usually the discussion was devoted to men, while woman, who likes dressing up into the male clothes, can be a transvestite too. History of women, wearing male clothes, has much more deeply rooted then it may seem at first sight. Read

Cher imaging Elvis Presley
Pop-diva Cher transformed into a legendary musician Elvis Presley. She's got dressed as Elvis and performed his song during a concert in Las-Vegas. In addition to Cher, some other top-liners, including Celine Dion, Shakira and Whitney Houston, participated in this show.  Read

Sex, drags & rock-n-roll. 
Editor Words.

Today our Drag King Magazine is only starting, - about drag, first time, solely on our site! - so we are raising our glasses to the firstling' health and longevity. We've prepared a number of interesting sources, and, step-by-step, we will introduce you to the history of drag-culture, its mainstreams, peculiarities, news, memorable events, famous drag-kings and their girlfriends. We are sure that Drag King Magazine will obtain its own permanent readers, as well as its own stars. But what is most important for us - we want to help women, enjoying details of male clothes in their garments, to do it properly, stylish and fashionably.  Read  01.07.02

Old, good classic... Modern
Before you'll pull a jacket on your shoulders, attend to concord all the elements of your suit. Otherwise, your appearance won't evoke anything but a sympathetic smile from those around you.... Read

Old, good classic... Retro

Speaking about drag-styles, it turns out that classic style, like male suit
and tie, are most popular among travesty. Read

Once costume, twice costume
Classic black suit is a garment basis for any self-respected drag-king. You can be an adherent of any style, possessing any line, but the lack of the suit in you wardrobe means that your career as a travesty hasn't worked well...  Read

King for a Night. (part 1)
I'm trying to figure out when, exactly, I became Phil McCracken. I dressed like him, walked like him, talked like him but the metamorphosis wasn't complete until...when? Was it when the last flecks of beard were glued to my face?... Read  29.07.02