Cher imaging Elvis Presley

Pop-diva Cher transformed into a legendary musician Elvis Presley. She's got dressed as Elvis and performed his song during a concert in Las-Vegas. In addition to Cher, some other top-liners, including Celine Dion, Shakira and Whitney Houston, participated in this show. Celine Dion and Anastasia appeared in rather unusual line: they performed a song, appurtenant to AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long. Cher, dressed and made up as Elvis Presley, appeared only in the ending of the show, intoning a "Heartbreak hotel" along with Shakira. Cher is very tired of her concert activities, and her farewell tour will come about this summer. Her opinion is that she has already worked enough in a variety performer. So Cher decided to bid farewell to her fans, who were pleased by her art for at least 40 years. Her last tour, named "Living Proof - The Farewell Tour", is held to encourage her latter album "Living Proof". All dues, gathered from her farewell concerts, will be aimed at the American Infant Charity needs. 

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"I've chosen rather difficult way. Singing in public is not easy, but my admirers always countenanced me, and I was singing for their sake" - confessed Cher. Recently she' has avowed also that she is suffered by the lack of intimate relations with men. Cavaliers are just afraid of drawing near her, because she is a superstar. That is why there were periods in her life when she was utterly alone for several years. "I've got plenty of friends, but I haven't ever been on terms of intimacy with any of them. I want to have a real friend. And sexual relations are failed also. It doesn't mean that sex is most important thing for me, but still..." - says a star.

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