Elvis Is Alive!

One can consider Elvis style to be a "complex style", however, after familiarizing with all styles and trends minutely, you will understand that there is now easy drag-styles.

It seems that Russians can't completely imagine the degree of Elvis popularity in USA. This popularity has moved out of the adoration frames long time ago, turned into the cult with its own laws, customs and ceremonials. Besides tourist pilgrimage to the Elvis' places, annually there goes off several large-scaled festivals, where so-called "Elvis Presley "Interpretator" - king of rock'n'roll doubles of different ages and gender come together! Yes, women parody great immortal Elvis as willingly as man do. No wonder that Elvis style is one of the most popular drag trends. 

Being Elvis appears to be as much time-consuming as being Michael Jackson, for example. Not at the stage of laughing and poking ones fingers at you, but at the stage of adoration and feasting ones eyes upon you. You have not only to look so brilliantly and inimitable, but also to bounce a-la Elvis, to radiate fantastic spell, sexuality, force and tenderness simultaneously, to rule over the public - there is a great list, it's hard to describe verbally. All in all, it's charismatic personality. Unfortunately, not everyone, deciding to grow accustomed with Presley image, does understand it. Firstly it seems so simple to copy external trappings - a suit, a haircut, spectacles - and the sold off is yours. No. Let's look at the appearance. Ordinary guy, driver from Memphis, dedicated his first song "Everything's OK, mama" to his mama's birthday (such an affecting display of fair sonny love), has apprehended his sudden popularity and possibility to become a singer as a chance to become famous. To be an "artist" at the stage - means to look strikingly, glaringly, fascinating. "Ordinary guys" like "The Beatles" have already palled on - a public was waiting for the shows.

And obtained it. Elvis, done up totally, was the first man to shock puritanical community with "lecherous hip moves at the stage" - he was showed on TV only beyond his waist. Ladies at the concerts was totally delighted, fainting away out of orgasms and pelting his idol with their wet pants. Only his suit is worthy of it: bell-bottomed trousers, wide belt, paste jacket with beadwork and fringe, and silk shirt, of course. A suit must be light-colored - it's indecently to talk about the rock'n'roll king costumes' practicality. Arraying yourself as Elvis, do not niggle: King didn't like forgeries - smartly is smartly. Famous "golden" Presley's jacket was webbed out of golden needles.
Huge seal rings were genuine. It's one cost for drag-beginner to imitate King on the hundred percents, pledging his last pants, but you have to keep it in mind. Special talk is about haircut - a wig is concerned to be a bad form, you can't array yourself as a King, you've got to live as a King! That's why you have to be ready to arrange world-famous "duck" haircut (you may ask your dad-fops how to arrange it), requiring certain hair length and certain amount of hair spray. Plus whiskers on the temples. They are usually drawn or sticked.

There is one more important aspect. Obviously, Elvis, who can't sing and dance rock'n'roll, is just a vile forgery. So if you've pledged - take dancing lessons or learn to move, looking through Elvis videotapes. Despite his rising through years pounds, he was rather swift lively person. Learn to keep microphone (and its post) a-la Elvis, it's very important. Finally, King's usual trick is a presentation. So it's not bad for you to know the text of the songs, as well as to sing properly, otherwise your neighbors will call an animal rescue service after your striking up "Only you-u-u-u-u-u..." However I assure you that all these efforts are worthy coming out at the stage and sinking in the shine of admiring eyes. Eyes of your mama, for example. Because everything's OK, mama...
Elvis is alive!

   Vdova & VolgaVolga Drag.Lesbiru.Com,  November 2002