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Double-breasted jacket

Two buttons: 1980s model
Relatively new, this model of double-breasted jacket was rather popular in the middle of 80s. This jacket has only two "working" buttons - buttons, owning corresponding loops. You can find one button outside, second button being sewed to the lining and supporting the inner breast of the jacket. There are variants, like two or four "faking" buttons, aiming the effectiveness - they are sewed on the front of the breast above "working", imitating a pattern of classic six-buttons jacket. This jacket ought to be hooked up both buttons, and it is not recommended to be used as a business suite.

Four buttons: classic double-breasted.
Double-breasted jacket with four buttons represents classic blazer or a kind of gray-colored official suite. There are two additional "non-working" buttons. Experts' opinions about which buttons ought to be hooked up on this model were segregated. In general people with the wide waistline should leave the last button not hooked.

Six buttons: guarding British Empire
Six-buttoned jacket occurs only at the naval parade and sport club uniform. Such model, created for the British royal naval forces, possesses eight buttons, divided equally into the two vertical columns. It is not acceptable to use it in the business suit!

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Single-breasted jacket

One button: going to the casino or to the stage.
One-buttoned jacket is used for the single-breasted version of the tuxedo. You can frequently mention people, related to show business, wearing this model. It is not conformed for the business garments, though periodically it serves as a source of designer's inspirations for the new experiments. The only button is always hooked up.

Two buttons: bankers' uniform
Two-buttoned jacket became very popular In USA at the second part of the 20th century. Firstly it obtained the same characteristics with Suck Suit - suit-bag, and the sports jacket. Due to the famous New-York fashion house "Brooks Brothers", two-buttoned suit-bag became a peculiar uniform for the USA East Coast establishment. Nowadays this model is used for business suits, being hooked up the upper button only.

Three buttons: an upper loop' secret
Three-buttoned suits have their own peculiarities: the lapel gently covers upper button. Right side of the corresponding loop is located on the wrong side of the breast, almost at the bend of the lapel. On the "first class" jackets such a loop is processed equally at the inner and external sides. This model is hooked up the upper and middle buttons, or on the middle button - in this case upper button and loop are hidden and jacket looks like two-buttoned model. Lowest button is left unhooked always. Such jacket is used in business, informal suits and ingle coats.

Four buttons: jacket or a jersey?
Sports four-buttoned jackets frequently obtain plated pockets. Lapels are notably smaller then three- or two-buttoned jackets do. There can be a benign cashmere cotton variants, without a lining and shoulder compression. Such models are called "cardigan jackets" or "jacket-sweater". Recently this model has been frequently utilized in fashionable designers' ideas, using new uncommon materials. Lower button of this model, used only in the informal suit, is always not hooked up.

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