Old good classics. (part 2)

Classic traditional

Previously we've told you about one of the magnificent stylistic trends - retro. However, nowadays retro is more likely to be an exception of the rules then a regnant occurrence. On the one hand, this style is too complicated "in use", on the other - it's rather intricately to correspond with this style from the practical viewpoint: will you attempt to find a decent silk hat or a tailcoat? That's the problem! It's quite another matter about classic traditional: male suit, tie or a bow tie. Problems do not appear in this case. 
Generally, majority of drags begin their travesty-experiments, behind parent's back, from the daddy's jacket and tie, retouching moustaches forepart mirror. There is nothing complicated in classic traditional: the main idea here is to grasp into a variety of jackets, ties and their compliance. Becoming proficient into this study, you can boldly come out into "society". By the way, classic traditional sometimes bents for changes in its appearance, depending on the fashionable tendencies of the season. For example, there is a difference between classic suits, related to 60th, 70th and 80th. It concerns shirts, ties and shoes also. Don't forget about it! So if you want to make yourself out to be a Dick Tracy from 30s, do not blunder, wearing a huge-lapelled jacket and clumsy tie " hippie dream" from 70s. Before you'll pull a jacket on your shoulders, attend to concord all the elements of your suit. Otherwise, your appearance won't evoke anything but a sympathetic smile from those around you.

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