The old good classics. Retro. (part 1)

Speaking about drag-styles, it turns out that classic style, like male suit and tie, are most popular among travesty. Coming into a club means that you will meet a butch into a gala suit. Looking through a lesbian photo album means that black tie will be faintly perceptible. Even mass media generally presents lesbians through the way, corresponding with their image in films, books and
aspirations of the naturals.
But. I won't say that it is a mistake; you know it as well as I do. I can only add that classic is one of the most complex styles. It is rather easy to become entangled and put your foot into the pitfalls of this style. May be it's not even a pitfalls, but stylistic branches, to be correct. Pin-up Gledis Bentley is considered to be a founder of a classic style. While Marline Dietrich became the most popular classic style adherent. Everyone remembers her male dinner jacket, silk hat, bow-tie, walking stick and...of course, her white gloves - it was a breaking out of the classic style. First stylistic trend within a classic style is called "retro".

Retro is reputed to be one of the most luxurious and most difficult, at the same times, branches. You see, it's not enough - to dress yourself up into a tailcoat and silk hat, you ought to be possessed of genuine aristocratism, etiquette knowledge and good manners. Besides that, retro presupposes your knowledge about all shades, considering various nuances of the male garments, relating "retro years". It means you are supposed to know when it is an event for wearing tailcoat, when - for frock coat. What are the circumstances for wearing bow-tie, neck shawl or a tie. Every kind of garments presupposes its own headgear and walking stick. For example, there are more then ten (!) kinds of silk hats, aimed to the different life cases: courtesy visits, stroll, theatre visit, official arrangements. There you are, ladies, who've told you that it would be easy? Nevertheless, retro is worthy of it. Only a self-confident and sure of her attraction, fascination and charm girl can be looked harmoniously and prettily into a dinner jacket and silk tie. But I'm sure: your lover (no matter, do you already has a lover or she has turned an amazed eyes towards you just now) will size you up. But time is going by, dictating its new fashion, styles and innovations. Gloves, as well as silk hats are wearied rather seldom. But this is our next time topic...

(c) Vdova, Drag.Lesbiru.Com July 2002